28 February 2015

Winter III

Christmas card illustrations :)

06 August 2014

GIF: Lines_002

Some more line work. 


Quick abstract artwork :)

Houdini, Arnold, Photoshop

28 January 2014

Boy in the chrystal cave

This one is more like a doodle. I wanted to try to create abstract geometry deformer in Houdini and in the end I tought it would be nice to make quick picture out of it. Some color correction done in After Effects.
So here is the result:

24 January 2014

Ocean Shading Test 1

Rnd test for upcoming project. Waves generated in houdini and rendered in maya (arnold).
And some ocean sound added for better feel ;)

14 December 2013

Christmas Cards

Set of illustrations for christmas cards.
Made by artists:
Toms Seglins

05 August 2013

04 July 2013

Microphone and batteries/ Still Breakdown

This image was created long time ago, but just now I created breakdown for it:

Music used in video:

06 June 2013

Ad: Riseba. Būvē savu nākotni (Build your future)

VFX done by Blue Lake Studio. Where i did almsot all CG except matchmoving and cleanup, wich was done by Dimitri Maslakov.

03 May 2013

Ad: Orbiter

Commercial work, where I did all 3D CG shots, from modeling to final color grade (everything for those shots). Click on images to view in full size.

full commercial here:

03 January 2013

Script: Edges 2 Curves Maya script

Simple script I made to help other.
It seems there is a problem in maya to convert selected edges to curves, when there is selected multiple objects, even combining them is not helping.

CreativeCrash download:

If there is some problems or suggestions, use creative crash(bugs, requests, reviews), just to make all that in one place.

Video demonstration:

01 January 2013

Script: Maya Python RnD 1

Few scripts i'm working on (enable annotations to see more info)


 I will share those scripts later because i want to finish them and add more features.

Those who are interesten can play around with this script:


30 November 2012

VFX: Musiqq - While We are young/ Dari kā es

I did 3D modeling and shading for this music video.
Two main buildings were  Riga Cathedral and Freedom Monument. There were other 3D models but im too lazy to show them here :D
All 3D stuff is done in Maya and rendered with MentalRay.


Video in english language:

10 May 2011

Few useful maya scripts

Here are maya scripts that I found useful in my modeling workflow:

1. Inset tool
Does the same thing that 3ds max inset.

Download page HERE (just click on it).

2. Pipe generator
This one creates wires and pipes from curves.

Download page HERE.

3. Ali.mel
Another similar 3ds Max tool (align tool). This one allows to align different object's scale, position and rotation.

Download page HERE.

4. Duplicate along curve

This MEL script allows you to duplicate groups or objects along curve. It was originally developed to easily create rollecoaster/railroad tracks along any curve.

Download page HERE.

As you saw, all scripts are from creativecrash.com, dont be lazy and register to found more useful scripts ;)

20 April 2011

Quick tip for Maya users

Here is a small tutorial of how to change Maya 2011 UI style.

Style codes:

To get default UI style, just delete "-style name"

Video created by me.

Syringe gun

New work from me, those who know Team Fortress 2 will be familiar with this gun.

All work done by me  ( original model by Valve)

More info about this weapon can be found here: