28 January 2014

Boy in the chrystal cave

This one is more like a doodle. I wanted to try to create abstract geometry deformer in Houdini and in the end I tought it would be nice to make quick picture out of it. Some color correction done in After Effects.
So here is the result:

24 January 2014

Ocean Shading Test 1

Rnd test for upcoming project. Waves generated in houdini and rendered in maya (arnold).
And some ocean sound added for better feel ;)

06 June 2013

Ad: Riseba. Būvē savu nākotni (Build your future)

VFX done by Blue Lake Studio. Where i did almsot all CG except matchmoving and cleanup, wich was done by Dimitri Maslakov.

03 May 2013

Ad: Orbiter

Commercial work, where I did all 3D CG shots, from modeling to final color grade (everything for those shots). Click on images to view in full size.

full commercial here:

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